Notifying Participants of a Survey / Data Collection Tool Instance via URL

When you create a survey, you have the option to send automatic emails to survey instance participants. But you can also send out a survey or instance link as a URL, via email, text, or social media channel. 

Notes:  If the survey was made private when it was created, it cannot be sent out via URL. Also, there are two types of URLs: for the survey itself, and for each instance. Read below for details.

Find the data collection that contains the survey, and click its name to open it.

Then click the name of the survey to open it. 

Participants who receive the survey / instance URL can sign in with their email if they are already on your Participants list. New participants can register online, using the specified public form. You can use Compyle’s default public form, or any other public form set up by an admin

Participants who register using a public form will be added to the Participants list, and as long as they sign in each time with the same email, all subsequent survey responses will be included in their record.

To get the link of the overall survey, click Copy link. This link will take the participant to the instance for the current time period. The same link can be used at different times to access different instances. This type of URL sharing works well for surveys whose responses can be collected at any time.

To get the link of a specific instance, click the ID or name of the instance, or any other instance field.

Click the Copy Link icon. The instance must be started before participants can submit responses, and once ended, the link will not accept new responses. New links will need to be sent for subsequent instances.

With the URL in your copy buffer, you can send out the link using whatever communication method you prefer.

Participants who receive the URL can start completing their survey responses.