Search: The All Participant and Organization Lists

How to use the All Participants List and the All Organizations List to Find and Update Records

To view and search your list of participants or organizations, you can click Participants or Organizations on the home page. 

You can also open Participants or Organizations from the sidebar, and choose All Participants or All Organizations.

All columns with an arrow in the header can be sorted. Click once to sort in ascending order, and click again to reverse the sort order.

To change column order or the specific columns shown, click the Gear icon above the list.

For participants, switching to Grid View displays participants in card format. Hovering over a card flips it over, where you can see additional details, as well as icons for viewing, editing, emailing, getting the participant’s URL, and archiving or deleting the participant.

Clicking the three-dot icon above the Participants or Organizations list displays the Export option. 


Before exporting, choose the standard, custom, and group fields to include in the exported file, then click Export. The file will be in CSV format.

Clicking Filters at the top of the Participants or Organizations list opens the list of standard fields, custom fields, and group fields. These categories of fields enable you to filter the list to find one or more specific participants or organizations. 


The search filters remain in place until you clear them. Whenever the search results list seems too short, try clearing the filters to show more results.

Hovering over the three-dot icon to the right of any participant or organization displays icons you can use to view participant/organization details and activity, archive or delete the participant / organization, or edit the participant / organization. You can also view participant / organization details and activity by clicking their name.


Archived participants or organizations can be viewed by disabling the Active slider at the top of the list.