Filtering the Participants or Organizations List

In order to locate one or more participants or organizations from the Participants or Organizations list, you can apply one or more filters.

Click Filters at the top of the list.


Along the right are categories of all fields you can use to filter the list. In addition to standard fields and custom fields, you can also filter using custom group fields.


To find a participant or organization by any standard field, such as first or last name or email, expand the Standard Fields category and enter part or all of the field.

You can also combine search fields to narrow the participant list to those who meet all search criteria. For example, under Standard Fields you can look for participants in one or more states, and in Custom Fields you can further narrow the search to include only those who live in an apartment or townhouse.

The search filters remain in place until you clear them. To remove an individual filter, click its Clear Filter link. Or you can clear all filters by clicking the button at the top of the list.

To hide the filter fields, click Filters again.