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Custom Participant and Organization Fields

Note: This article describes how to add custom participant fields, and custom organization fields work the same way. Creating or editing any custom field requires administrator permission

There are standard fields available when creating a new participant or organization, for basic details such as names, contact details, etc. 

If you need additional fields beyond what the standard fields provide, admin users can add custom fields for participants or organizations. Choose Admin / Participant Fields or Organization Fields.

At the bottom of this page, below the standard fields are the Custom Participant Fields (or Custom Organization Fields). Click Add New Fields

Note: If the field you want to add already exists in the system, you can click Add existing fields, which is described at the end of this article.

Custom fields can have several types of input, such as description, multiple choice, number, etc. For example, if the field asks for a date, the input format will be mm/dd/yyyy.

As an example, the question “Preferred contact method” should have a Single Choice format, either dropdown or radio buttons. The options themselves are entered below: fill in the first option, then use the Add New Option button to add more options. You can also add an “Other” option in some formats, set the question as visible or hidden, and choose to assign numerical values to options.

The row of icons above the options can be used to show a preview of the field (what the participant will see), delete the entire question, save the question, or cancel without saving. 

As another example, the custom field “How do you like to exercise?” has multiple-choice options, including “Other.” The participant can select as many options as needed.

You can add as many custom fields as needed, with a variety of answer types. Field order can be set by dragging and dropping. To edit or delete a custom field, click its Edit icon.

If you already have custom participant fields in your system, you can reuse them. To search for an existing question, click Add Existing Fields.

Search for a question keyword, such as “diet,” and click to choose a question you want to use. 

Once added to the custom field list, you can make any necessary edits, including changing the answer type.

All custom fields you create will be available when creating a new participant or creating a new organization.