Creating an Organization

Note: You can create organizations in your Compyle instance if enabled by your admin.

There are several ways to add organizations to your Organizations list, and this article covers how to create an organization manually within Compyle. You can also import organizations from a spreadsheet.

From the home page, you can click Add New Organization.

Or you can open Organizations in the sidebar, and choose Create Organization.

Or, if your Organizations list is open, you can use the Add New Organization button at the top right.


On the organization creation page, enter name and contact details, and you can upload a logo image as well. You can assign an Organization ID if enabled by the admin, otherwise the system will assign an ID.

Below the organization address will be any custom organization fields configured by the admin.

If organization groups are set up, in the middle column you can assign the organization to one or more groups. If custom fields were set up for organization groups, these will appear here as well. And in the right-most section, you can assign a participant as the organization’s primary contact. This contact can come from your existing participants list or you can create a new participant.

When finished, be sure to click Save at the lower right.