Importing Participants and Organizations

How to Create New Participants or Organizations from a Spreadsheet

If you have a list of participants and/or organizations in a spreadsheet, the list can be imported into Compyle. The file must be in CSV format.

The Import option for participants can be found in the sidebar, in the Participants menu.

A similar option for organizations can be found in the Organizations menu.

For participants, the minimum required information for each participant is first name, last name, and email. To ensure that your CSV file is formatted correctly for import, start by downloading a sample template and fill it in. The template has columns for all standard fields such as name, birthdate, email, gender, etc, as well as columns for any custom participant fields set up by the administrator. All of the fields on the form must be included in the import file as columns, and they have to be in the same order as in the template file. 

For organizations, the only required field is organization name.


When your participant or organization spreadsheet is complete, with the same column structure as the template, click Import Participants (or Important Organizations) and browse to the CSV file.

For any participant or organization details that are not included in the imported file, you can find each participant / organization in the Participants  or Organization list and make the necessary edits.


Formatting tips:

  • First Name and Last Name are required for Participant imports.
  • The import file must match the template file's column count and column order.
  • Options for multi-select fields must be separated with a comma without spaces, like "option1,option2". The order of the field options doesn't matter.
  • Participants must have unique email addresses.
  • Duplicate email addresses will not be imported.
  • Date fields should be formatted as mm/dd/yyyy such as 05/27/2023.
  • True/false fields should be formatted as text options, either "true" or "false".