Compyle Site Instance Settings

Compyle Site Settings for Administrators

Compyle-specific settings are managed in Compyle. Some of the organization details from Control are displayed in the Compyle settings for informational purposes as read-only fields.  

Billing account information, organization details, and Clear Impact Suite options are found in Clear Impact Control. Some Scorecard-specific settings can be set within Scorecard. 

Table of Contents

Access Compyle Instance Settings

To access the Compyle Site Settings, open the Admin section of the left sidebar menu and choose Instance Settings.


When the Edit Instance page opens, there will be some fields that you can edit. Other read-only fields are shown to provide helpful information about your Compyle instance. 


Instance Information Settings (read-only)

  1. Instance Code: Site ID Number (C-#)
  2. Name: Full name of the instance (usually organization name)
  3. Logo: image file, displays on external survey form login page and on external responses. Moving  to Control in summer 2024 
  4. Country: Determines the standard field options for Race and State fields
  5. Instance Owner: administrator user who is the primary tech contact


Time, Timing, & Address Settings

  1. Show Address Fields: display standard fields on the Participant and Organization forms. These are: Address line 1, Address line 2, City, State, Zip Code
  2. Time Zone: which timezone to show the date created, date modified, and other system date and time information in 
  3. Referral Network: for Compyle to Compyle participant referrals. See Referral Network.
  4. Fiscal Year Start: month your organization's fiscal year starts This should match the Scorecard - Fiscal Year reporting frequency start.


Entity Settings: Participants, Organizations, & Anonymous 

Entity Forms

These are the top level forms in Compyle, and they each include standard fields by default, which may be hidden, edited to an extent, and added to with new custom fields and custom options. that may be edited or hidden. 

  • Participants: humans - service recipients, clients, staff, volunteers, board members, and other stakeholders
  • Organizations: collectives - community partners, agencies, departments, teams, locations, programs, or other groups working together
  • Anonymousneutral - a person or collective completing a survey form who chooses not to identify themselves

Navigation Menu: Participants, Organizations, and Anonymous will appear as  sections in the left sidebar menu, but Anonymous only has the All Anonymous search option.




Compyle Homepage: Participants and Organizations will appear as a cards 


Form Settings: Participants, Organizations, and Anonymous will appear as Responder Type options in the Survey Form and Note Type Forms settings if those entity types are enabled.


Entity Form Settings in Compyle Instance Settings

  1. Entity Types: which entity forms are active in your site. Once there are saved records for a form type, you can not deactivate that type unless you first delete the records.
  2. Auto Accept Participants: Skip the pending participant feature and automatically add new participants to the All Participants list.
    1. This can be combined with the Public Form - Add to Group setting to automatically add new participants to a particular group. 
    2. Auto Accept Organizations: this works just like the auto accept Participants feature but applies to the Organization entity form records.
  3. Anonymous Response: only Clear Impact staff can active this entity type for a Compyle site. The Anonymous entity type is included in the Unlimited Suite subscription, and it is available as an add-on package for other subscription types. 
  4. Participant & Organization ID's: choose to have Compyle generate unique, non-sequential, alphanumeric identification numbers for each entity record or to manually enter your own ID values. If you will be migrating past records, you can create a new custom field on the entity form for capturing the ID assigned by the other system. 
  5. Email Sender Name: this is the "From" display name for the survey reminder emails and the data download complete notifications sent by Compyle from your Compyle instance. This cannot be your email address as that would be flagged as spam.



Compyle-to-Scorecard Connection Settings

  1. Connect to Scorecard: usually on active although it may only be a free tier Scorecard site that is  linked
  2. Scorecard API Key (unnamed): the unique key for connecting to your Scorecard instance, found on the Admin > API settings page in Scorecard
  3. Compyle Site Nickname (unnamed): a short version of the site name that can be used to lookup your site in the multi-site dropdown if you have access to more than one site

4. Connect Compyle Survey Form Time Periods to custom Scorecard Reporting Frequencies

  • Fiscal Year ID:  365 days/12 months long, should start on the first day of the month selected for the Fiscal Year Start setting in the left column.
  • Fiscal Half Year ID: 180 days/6 months long, should start on the first day of the month selected for the Fiscal Year Start setting in the left column.
  • Fiscal Quarter Calendar ID: 90 days/3 months long, , should start on the first day of the month selected for the Fiscal Year Start setting in the left column.
  • Half Year: 180 days/6 months long, should start on January first
  • Daily Calendar ID: 1 day long reporting period.