What are Participants and Organizations?

Participant and Organization Entities

Surveys / data collections in Compyle can be completed and submitted either by participants (individuals who are part of a program, class, or group) or organizations (agencies, programs, sites, or community partners). 

Surveys are created and sent out the same way to both participants and organizations, and data is collected and analyzed the same way.

The main difference is that a participant record is comprised of a variety of personal and demographic data, whereas an organization record contains agency, partner, or program information. 

A Compyle admin user can determine whether your Compyle instance will include participants, organizations, or both.

An organization can be assigned one representative member, who is created in Compyle as a participant. This individual is the organization’s primary contact, but does not have to be the person completing each survey. The primary contact will receive any email notifications for the survey.

When adding participants to a survey instance, organizations appear at the top of the Participants list, followed by individual participants. 


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