Adding Participants to a New Survey / Data Collection Tool

Note: Survey participants can be participants and/or organizations.

This article covers how to add participants to a survey during the survey creation process. Note that you do not have to add participants at this stage - you can save a survey with no participants and add participants later. If you do add participants at this stage, you can always change the list of participants.

After a survey is created and contains questions, Step 3 is to add participants. The participants you add in this step will be included in each survey instance by default, but you can edit a survey, or any survey instance, to change its participants.

Click the three-dot icon above the Participants list and choose whether to add by group or to add from the overall Participants / Organizations list.

If adding by participant / organization group, simply choose one or more groups and click Select. All participants / organizations in the selected groups will be added.

If adding by participants, your entire Participants or Organizations list will be available for selection. Organizations will appear at the top of the list, followed by participants.

There is a search field at the top to help locate specific participants. Choose the participants to add and click Select.

When finished, click Save.