Adding or Changing Participants for a Survey / Data Collection Tool Instance

You can add participants to a survey as part of survey creation, and you can choose to send each instance of the survey to the same participant list.

You can also add or edit participants to an existing survey instance. This can be done from the survey instance or from the participant list.

To add participants to a survey instance, start by finding the data collection that contains the survey, and click its name to open it. 

Then click the name of the survey to open it. 

Click the ID or name of the instance, or any other instance field. 

When the instance is open, click the three-dot icon at the top of the Participants section and choose to add more participants by group, or from the overall participants list.

Note that if existing instance participants were already notified by a one-time email, new participants will not receive those survey emails automatically. (You can also send a survey URL manually to new participants.) 

To notify new participants about the survey, go to the Email Notifications section below the list of participants, and click to send a one-time email.

To find the new participants who need emails, sort the Participants list by Last Notified

You can also add participants / organizations to a survey instance one at a time, from the Participants or Organizations list. Click the name of the participant / organization to add.

On the participant or organization’s Collected Data tab, click the three-dot icon and choose Add Existing

From the list of all survey instances, choose one or more to which to add the participant, and click Select.

The instances will then be added to the participant’s Collected Data tab. The total number of surveys/data tools that the participant has responses for will appear here. This includes pending and in progress responses as well as completed ones.

The participant will also be added to the participant list of the instances to which they have been added. They will not receive automatic email notification, however.