Creating a Survey Form for Data Collection

Using the Create New Survey Wizard

In Compyle, Survey Forms are used to gather additional information about participants, organizations, and anonymous responders. Surveys forms may be used to collect assessments, activity participation records, pre and post tests, feedback surveys, progress notes, and other point-in-time information that could change. Designed to support group entry and individual entry, surveys forms can be suited to different types of client engagement from a one-on-one case management meeting to a group skills workshop. 


To create a survey, start by opening your list of data collections. 

You can do this from the home page . . . 

 . . . or open Data Collection in the sidebar, and choose All.

Click the name of the data collection in which the survey will be added. Or if no data collection was created for the survey you’re creating, click the generic Surveys collection at the top of the list.

Click the Add New Questions button at the top right, which includes the default survey name assigned when the data collection was created.

Step 1 is to assign a survey name and description. Surveys that are made private typically contain sensitive information, and can be viewed only by administrators or users with specific permissions. On the right, choose whether the survey will be sent only once or repeatedly. If the survey repeats, choose the frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and when the first instance will be sent. To require participants to sign and date their responses, select the signature option, specify the number of required signatures (1-5), and add information to display on the signature page that will come after the initial response page. 

Note that a private survey can only be sent by system-generated email, to participants who are already set up in the system. A private survey cannot be sent as a URL link via outside email or text.

After clicking Next, Step 2 is adding survey questions.