Adding Questions to a Survey / Data Collection Tool

This article covers how to add questions to a survey during the survey creation process. Questions must be created as part of creating a survey, but you can also add or edit questions later.

Once a survey has been created, Step 2 is to add questions. Click Add New Question. (If the questions you want have already been set up in the system, you can click Add existing questions, which is covered at the end of this article.)

Survey questions can have several types of input, such as description, multiple choice, number, etc. For example, if the field asks for a date, the input format will be mm/dd/yyyy.

As an example, the question “How many training sessions did you attend this month?” should have a Number answer. You can also choose whether the question is active, whether it is displayed or hidden, whether an answer is required, and if number values can be included in calculations

Each question has icons at the lower right which can be used to preview, delete, or cancel the question. More questions can be added via the Add New Question button. 

The next question in this example is “How did your weight change this month?” This question will require a single answer from a list of answers, so the format can either be Single Choice (Radio Buttons) or Single Choice (Dropdown).

The list of answers is entered just below the question, in the Answer Choice fields. Start with the first answer, click Add New Option, and continue with the rest of the choices. You can also add “Other” as one of the answers, and each option can be deleted. If numerical values are enabled, you can assign values to each option: +1 for weight gain, -1 for weight loss, or 0 for no change. These values can also be used in calculations.

The next question, “Which parts of the program did you participate in?” can have multiple choices from the list of answers. So the format can either be Multiple Choice (Check Boxes) or Multiple Choice (Multiselect). The list of answers in this example includes several activities, as well as “Other.” 

Another popular type of question is range, such as this example which asks participants to rate their instructor, on a scale from 1 to 10. A Step value of 1 means every number between 1 and 10 will be available to select.

The last question in this example is “Please list any suggestions for program improvements.” The format in this case could be Description, Paragraph, or Short Answer. 

If you already have questions set up for previous surveys, you can reuse them. To search for an existing question, click Add Existing Questions.

Enter a search term, and if any questions that you’d like to add are found, just click to add the question to the survey. You can edit the question, type, and answer options.

When your questions are complete, click Next at the lower right, to proceed to the Adding Participants step.