Editing Survey / Data Collection Tool Details or Questions

To edit either the details of a survey or its questions, find the data collection that contains the survey, and click its name to open it. 

Then click the name of the survey to open it. 

To edit the details of the survey itself, click the Edit icon at the top right. 

In editing mode, you can change the survey’s name, description, or frequency, make it private, or change its data collection or public form. (The public form is filled out by participants not already set up in the system, who receive a survey instance URL.) You can also choose whether participants will see a confirmation message upon completing the survey, or whether they will be redirected to a URL. If you make any changes, click Save at the top. 

To add or edit survey questions, click Edit Questions. Note that because changing questions of recurring surveys can affect analytics, some editing options are limited.

In question editing mode, you can drag and drop to rearrange question order, or click the Edit icon of any question. You can also add new questions.

When editing a question, you can change the text of questions and answers (use caution!) but the question type cannot be changed. You can also make a question required, enable numerical values for options, enable calculations, delete options, or delete the entire question. 

When finished editing questions, save your changes.