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Public Forms

For administrators only

A public form is filled out by participants or organizations not already on the Participants or Organizations list, who receive a survey instance URL via text, social media, or in an email that wasn’t generated and sent by Compyle. 

(If an instance URL is accessed by participants / organizations who do exist in the system, then as long as they sign in with the same email listed in their profile, they will not have to fill out the public form. And their survey responses will be linked to the correct participant / organization record.)

Compile provides a default public form for surveys, which asks participants for their email, name, and gender.

If additional participant data is required upon accessing a survey, then admin users can set up additional public forms. Open Admin on the left, and click Public Forms.

Click Add Form.

Enter the title of the form at the top, and choose whether those who fill it out will receive a confirmation message upon completion, or be directed to a URL.


In the middle section, name and gender cannot be disabled, but you can choose to enable other standard fields, such as race, DOB, email, etc.

The last section lists all custom participant fields, which are also configured by admin users. Each field can be enabled or disabled as needed for this public form.

When finished, click Submit.

To implement a custom public form for a survey, open the survey and click the Edit icon at the top right.


Choose the public form and save.