Participant Survey / Data Collection Tool Responses

Participants can access a survey instance either from a Compyle-generated email, or from a URL sent via text, email, or social media.

Participants who receive a Compyle-generated email are already in the Participants list, and are already added to the survey instance. Each of these participants receives a unique survey link in their email.

Clicking the link goes straight to the survey. At the bottom of the survey are buttons to Save, or Save and Complete

If a participant saves responses before completing, their status listed in the survey instance will be In Progress. Once they save and complete, the status updates to Complete. Note that a participant does not have to answer all questions (aside from required questions) before marking the survey as complete. Participants who have not yet started are marked as Pending. Overall participant progress is indicated at the top of the instance.

Participants who access a survey instance via URL first need to sign in or register. 

If the participant’s email is already included in the Participants list, the participant can sign in and go straight to the survey. 

If the participant is not already in the system, they first need to register via the public form selected when creating the survey. The default public form asks only for name and gender, and your admin can set up additional public forms with different options.

After registering, the participant can take and submit the survey, but their responses are not added automatically to the survey instance.

Instead, the participant will be listed as Pending, and you can access pending participants from the sidebar. From here, you can accept or reject the participant.

If accepted, the participant will be added to the overall participant list, and to the survey instance, with their responses marked as Completed.