Feeding Data to Scorecard (Scheduling Data Transfer)

Sending data to Scorecard from Compyle Manually or Scheduling it to Send Periodically

For each scorecard feed, its Compyle calculation data can be sent to its measure in two ways: manually or per a schedule.

To start sending data to Scorecard, find the scorecard feed on the list. Scorecard feeds that have received new calculation data since the last data transfer are indicated by a check mark in the New Data field. A blank field means that Scorecard has received the latest data.


For any scorecard feed, to push the current calculation data into its scorecard measure, click any field to open the scorecard feed details.



By default, each new scorecard feed is set to feed data manually. To push the most current data, click Send Data.


Note: Each data push consists of the most current data for all time periods. If previous data has been updated since the last push, the new data will overwrite any previous data.

For automatic data pushes, click Schedule Data.

In the scheduling window, enable the slider for Automatically send data to Scorecard. Then choose the frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and the regular push date. There are three options for how the feed will continue: forever, until a specific date, or until a number of data transfers has been reached. For example, if your survey data will be collected monthly for two years, you would choose For a Specific Number of Transfers, with the number set to 24.

Keep in mind that for scheduled feeds, data transfers occur each day after 8 pm EST. 

Click Save Settings.


For automatic feeds, the data transfer method is listed as Scheduled.



In the scorecard feeds list, scheduled feeds have the next transfer date listed in the New Data field.


Note: Even if a scorecard feed is set to push data at a set schedule, you can still open the feed and click Send Data at any time, to push the most current data. 


To change or disable the schedule, click Schedule Data again and save the new settings. If you disable the schedule, the data transfer method switches back to manual.