Scorecard Feeds List

Your list of scorecard feeds can be found in Analytics / Scorecard Feeds

Each feed is listed with its name, destination scorecard measure, frequency, number of completed survey instances, and data collection that contains the calculation whose data is  sent to Scorecard.

The New Data field indicates data push status.

  • A blank field indicates that the most current data has already been sent to the scorecard measure.
  • A check mark indicates that new calculation data has come in since the last data push. This new data could come from a new, closed survey instance, or there may be updated data from previous instances. This data can be sent manually, or if the scorecard feed has an assigned schedule, you can wait for the automatic feed.
  • A date indicates the next scheduled data push, for scorecard feeds that have an assigned schedule.

Scorecard Feed Details


Clicking any scorecard feed field opens the details page for the feed. At the top of this page are buttons to schedule automatic feeds or send data manually, and to download current data.

Below this you’ll find the scorecard feed name, type of destination measure, measure ID, data transfer type, and last transfer date.



The next section is Data Details, listing the feed’s data collection and survey, frequency, and number of completed instances. There is also a table and graph of current values. Below this are Calculation Details, listing the calculation and its numerical operation, and the compylation that contains the calculation.


At the bottom of the scorecard feed details page are Filter Details, if a filter was applied to the calculation. The History section lists each time data was pushed to Scorecard. At the very bottom is the Archive Scorecard Feed button, or Restore Scorecard Feed in the case of an archived feed.