Filtering Calculation Results

After creating a calculation, you can apply a filter to show data from a specific demographic. 

Note: Filtering is different than segmenting, which can be used to present a demographic breakdown of results.

Click Add a New Filter.


Default filters are race, gender, and state. Custom participant / organization fields and custom group fields will also appear on this list. This example will use the Gender filter.


Once the filter is selected, choose one or more of the available options, such as Female in this example. 


After clicking Save, the filter is applied. In this example, the results now include only data from female participants.

Hovering over a filter’s three-dot icon displays options to delete or edit a filter.

You can also combine filters to further narrow the data. In this example, the Race filter was added, and the updated results are for females who are either Hispanic or African-American.

Note that while one or more filters are active, those filters will carry over to other calculations you display. To stop filtering data, the filter must be deleted. 

To save your filters, be sure to save the compylation.

For demographic breakdowns of a calculation, you can also segment data LINK.