Archiving a Scorecard Feed

Once you have created a scorecard feed, its details cannot be edited, except for the data feed method. Scorecard feeds also cannot be permanently deleted.

So if you no longer need a scorecard feed, or made a mistake in a feed and want to start over, you can archive the feed.

Start in the Scorecard Feeds list, and click any field for the feed you want to archive.

In the scorecard feed details page that opens, scroll all the way to the bottom and click Archive Scorecard Feed.


An archived feed will not send new data to Scorecard, though any previous data already sent will remain in Scorecard, as long as its destination scorecard measure still exists.


Recall that a scorecard measure can receive data from only one scorecard feed. An archived feed, however, is inactive and can be replaced.

So if you’re archiving a feed you want to replace with a new feed, that new feed can use the destination scorecard measure of the archived feed.

The archived scorecard feed no longer appears in the Scorecard Feeds list. But archived feeds can be seen by switching the Active slider to Archived.

To bring back an archived feed, open it from the Archived list, scroll down to the bottom, and click Restore Scorecard Feed.

Note: When you restore an archived feed, and that feed uses a data transfer schedule, it’s good practice to check that the schedule is still applied and is correct.