Importing Users in Control

How to Add a List of Users

For users with administrator permission.

While users can be added manually one at a time, you can also import spreadsheets of users to save time on user entry.

Preparing the User Import CSV File

To prepare your import, download a sample CSV user file or use Excel or another program to create a CSV document in the following format.  CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. It is a standard spreadsheet/database file type for exchanging information.

File Type: CSV

Format: Header row followed by data values rows with user details

Header Row: Organize your data into the following column headers in this exact order:

username, first_name, last_name, role_group, send_email

  • username: The email address of the user you wish to add.
  • first_name: First name of the user.
  • last_name: Last name of the user.
  • role_group:  (administrator or user) Role you would like to assign this user.
    • Administrators will be added to Scorecard and Compyle with Administrator permission
    • Users will be added to Scorecard with Presenter access 
    • Users will be added to Compyle with Creator access
    • Any additional permissions or restrictions for users in Scorecard or Compyle will need to be set in user management tool for the appropriate application. 

  • send_email: (true or false) Send user a welcome email with login instructions.
    You will have the option to individually send welcome/password reset emails to users after import.


To import users

  • Open Control.
  • Expand the Users menu.
  • Select the Import Users option.


  • When the Import Users page opens, click the Download Sample File button.
  • Open the sample file.

  • Enter the users in the sample file or use a previously prepared CSV file in the correct format.
  • Choose your file.
  • Run the import.
  • When the import completes you will be prompted to download an Excel spreadsheet with the new users' passwords and IDs (usernames).

Troubleshooting Tips

  • File format MUST be .CSV
  • The column names and order must match exactly for the import to work
  • Be sure to include the header row