Creating a New User

Adding a new user for Scorecard and/or Compyle

For users with administrator access only

Creating A User

To add a Clear Impact user to your organization account, click Users at the top and choose New.

You can also start in your Users list and click Create New User.

Enter the new user’s name and email, and choose their user role.

After clicking Save, an email will be sent to the user with a sign-in link. The user can then change their password.  

How the Role in Control Affects Access to Scorecard and Compyle

  • Administrators will be added to Scorecard and Compyle with Administrator permission
  • Users will be added to Scorecard with Presenter access 
  • Users will be added to Compyle with Creator access
  • Any additional permissions or restrictions for users in Scorecard or Compyle will need to be set in user management tool for the appropriate application. 

Once a user is created, the admin can edit the user to adjust permissions. Additional permissions and access for Scorecard and Compyle can be set within those applications.


See Import Users to learn how to add a list of users all at once.