Compyle Release Notes - Spring 2022

Compyle-Control Integration Release

Performance Improvements

  • A number of behind the scenes changes to improve system response times, page loads, and other performance metrics
  • Optimizing queries, indexing key data fields, upgrading code libraries, removing unused code, streamlining API calls, making permissions checks more efficient, loading frequently referenced tables in working memory

Clear Impact Control

  • Clear Impact Control is a new interface for managing your organization details, viewing billing statements, reviewing product subscriptions, and adjusting some user account settings.
  • This release integrates Compyle with Control, which is already connected to Scorecard, for improved cross-product navigation and connectivity.


  • Data Collections & Notes:
    • Login Page Participant Instructions setting for Note Types and Data Tools, like Surveys, for providing additional information to participants
      • Benefit: Add branding and guidance for external users on the login page for a note, survey, or other data tool
  • Analytics:
    • Implemented Standard Rounding for Compylations, replacing banker’s rounding
      • Benefit: Results align better with expectations, greater transparency
  • Navigation:
    • Enhanced Sites Menu for multi-site users
      • Benefit: Easier navigation with type to search and recently visited sites list


  • Data Tools and Surveys:
    • Removed the email automatically sent to all participants when closing a survey or data tool instance
    • Fixed an issue with survey level links creating an instance as soon as the link is visited; now the instance is only created if the visitor logs in to complete a response.
  • Compylations:
    • Resolved an issue with percent of total counts for annualized calculations for multi-select field options
  • Internal Features:
    • Adjusted Clear Impact staff tool to copy notes/surveys/data tools across instances so it works with data collections