Scorecard 2024 Upgrade Notes

Clear Impact is focused on making 2024 a year filled with high-impact product improvements across the Scorecard platform. Take a look at the notes below to see what we've done!

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Table of Contents

Quarter 1 2024 (January - March 2024)


New Add "Object Lookup" to "Object" Dropdown in Top Navigation Menu

  • What is it? Users and administrators are not always sure what type of object they are searching for (Scorecard, Container, Measure, Action or Tag) and have requested an method of searching for an object across the various Object categories. Users can now access and the "Object Lookup" tool, located in the top navigation dropdown option for Object and can search by Object name or ID.
  • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 11.55.19 AM
    • When a user types in the name of the Object or ID into the search box, the results page will show any objects that match the search criteria under Scorecards, Containers, Measures, Action and Tags)
    • If a result is within the instance the user is currently logged into then they can click the hyperlinked object name and will be navigated directly into the object.

New Add Setting to Scorecard Settings Allowing User to Set Default Level for Expanded-View for Embed View

  • What is it? While Scorecards are set to a default level of expansion, users have requested the ability to determine the level of the expanded view for embedded scorecards. Clear Impact has added this capability as a new setting in Scorecard General Settings, and users can now determine how much expanded data they would like to display be default for any embedded scorecard.
    • The new "Default Expanded-View Level for Embed View" setting is located in Scorecard General Settings.
    • When the user moves the slider to the right, the scorecard preview displays an example of the level of expansion that the embedded scorecard will display in when users access and are viewing the embed page.
    • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.05.27 PM

New Add Card for List of Instances to Scorecard User Dashboard

  • What is it? Users can sometimes belong to more than one scorecard instance and navigating when in scorecard can be a challenge. To create greater ease-of-use in accessing their various instances for our customers, Clear Impact has added a panel on the Scorecard homepage that now lists all of the instances an users is active in. The user can navigate to any instance by clicking on the name of the instance from the "My Instance" panel the bottom right side of their Scorecard homepage.
  • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.13.18 PM
  • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.13.03 PM
    • Instance codes are hyperlinked so that users can navigate directly to them, the user will also see the full name of the instance displaying under the "Name" column

New Add Read-Only Preview of Scorecard Permission to User Page in Control

  • What is it? In Control, Administrators can see some information about user accounts but they are not able to see the permissions that have been assigned to the user in Scorecard User Permissions. Clear Impact has now made a preview of permissions assigned in Scorecard User Permissions that will display in the Control view of the User account.
  • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.21.51 PM
    • With this preview the Administrator can see what permissions the user has been granted access to and they can click the "Edit @ Scorecard" link to go directly into the Scorecard User Permissions page in the Scorecard to update the permissions for the user as needed.

New Add Updates to Enhance Ease of Use for Making Images and Files in Notes and Descriptions Public for Embed View

  • What is it? When users upload files to Notes and Description sections of Scorecard related objects, those files (commonly images) are set to "Private" by default. Clear Impact has added improvements to make files uploaded into Notes and Description sections of scorecard related objects public by default when the file is being uploaded. A cross check for public files has also been added when a user goes to access the embed link to ensure that all files that will be shared through the embed are set to public.
  • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.24.43 PM
    •  "Copy..." buttons now display under the embed link for greater ease-of-user
    • After clicking "Copy..." button, user sees message to make files public if not all files are set to public that will be made available through the embed
    • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.24.51 PM
      • If user clicks "Yes, make all files public" the system will automatically update file setting and will ensure all files are public that are accessible through the embedded link.
      • Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.25.03 PM

New Made Scorecard Description Collapsible

  • What is it? The "Description" section located at the top of a scorecard is now collapsible and users viewing the scorecard within the product can click the arrow icon that displays above the description to collapse or expand as needed.

    Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 12.11.17 PM

New Added Scorecard Indicator to Relationship Section in Measure View

  • What is it? Previously, when viewing the Relationship section of a Measure, users could see the Container that a measure was included in but not the scorecard that the Container belonged to. This release introduces an additional indicator in the "Relationship" section of a Measure that now shows the scorecards each Container is included in, giving users more insight into the full setup of a Scorecard. Users can also navigate directly to the Container or Scorecard housing a measure by clicking on the listed name for the Container or Scorecard.

New Added Green Dot to Display for All Calculated Measures

  • What is it? In the past green or red dots would display in the scorecard view next to calculated measure with multiple child measures reporting various data entry periods in a calculation. With this hot fix a green dot now appears next to all calculated measures and will display red for calculations where the child measures do not all have the same reporting periods for data entry. Red dot indicators will continue to display for calculated measures where the child measures do not all have the same reporting periods of data.
  • Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 2.46.35 PM

New Added New Options to Graph Settings for Default Graph Periods and Default Graph Type
  • What is it? Users can now define their preference for the options "Default periods to display in graphs" and "Default Graph Type" in their Administrator menu choice for Graph Settings, this will then apply the settings to all graphs so that user does not have to apply the default settings to each individual graph.
    • New option displays in Graph Settings for "Default periods to display in graphs"
    • New option displays for Graph Settings for "Default Graph Type" with Options: Bar, Line
    • Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 8.29.20 AM
New Added Completion Date to To-Dos
    • What is it? In the past users were able to indicate that a ToDo was complete but a "Complete Date" was not saved or displayed for ToDos that were marked complete. A new "Completion" column has been added to ToDos that shows the status of a ToDo, allows the user to click a "check" icon to indicate when complete and captures and displays the completion date of a ToDo.
      • "Completion" column now displays as a column for To-Dos when creating a new ToDo
      • Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 2.54.45 PM
      • "Completion" column shows "In Progress" until user clicks the "check" icon
      • Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 2.54.52 PM
      • User can click the "check" icon when they are ready to mark ToDo as "Complete"
      • Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 2.55.01 PM
      • User can see completion date when viewing ToDo under the "Show Completed" button
      • Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 2.55.07 PM

New Added Prompt added to "+Existing Measure" and "+Existing Variable" screen in measure view that allows user to include selected measures as Comparee
    • What is it? In the past, when adding child measures to a parent measure, users have had to add a measure twice through the "+Existing Measures" modal to include it as an aggregated or disaggregated measure and to also include it in the "Measures to Compare on Graph" section of the parent measure. To eliminate the extra steps, we have added a prompt to the "+Existing Measures" modal that will allow users to also include the child measure in the "Measures to Compare on Graph" section at the time they are selecting child measures to add to the parent measure.
      • This prompt has also been added to the "Existing Variable" modal so that users adding existing variable measures will  be able to include them in the "Measures to Compare on Graph" section at the time the child measures are added to the parent measure
    • Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 9.53.38 AM
    • Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 9.53.55 AM

New  Tab for most recent invoice is now available in Control under "Billing" tab
    • What is it? A new Performa Invoice tab is available for Customers with paying subscription in Control, under the "Billing" > "Subscription" top navigation menu options, that allows them to see their most recent invoice. This will help provide easy access to customers requesting to see their invoice and Customer Success in accessing quick details related to customer invoices.
    • Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 11.25.27 AM
    • Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 11.25.42 AM
      • Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 11.26.19 AM


    Quarter 2 2024 (April - June 2024)

    New Added Read-Only Access to Actions for users with Action management permissions

    What is it? When users are assigned a ToDo or Action they will automatically be granted read-only access to Actions so that they can access the newly assigned Action and/or ToDo easily and without encountering an error
    New Added User Notification for "ToDos"
    What is it? Users will now receive a notification sent to the email address associated with their Scorecard user account when assigned to a new ToDo. Users will also receive the notification in their in-product notification tool located in the upper right corner of the top navigation menu when in Scorecard.
    New Activated "Action Notification Email" setting in User Preferences  by default for new and existing users
    What is it? The Notification option for "Action Notification Emails" setting is now activated for new and existing users so that users will receive a notification when they are assigned an Action or ToDo. This improvement will save time and confusion for end users assigning Actions and ToDos and users being assigned to Actions and ToDo as they will now receive an email and in-product notification containing a link directly to the assigned object.
    New Added Progress Bar indicator to Action page
    What is it? A progress bar has been added to the Action view so that users can easily see a visual indicator of how far along the action item is. 
    New Added "Aggregate" dropdown to measures with Half Year or Fiscal Half Year reporting frequencies
    What is it? The "Aggregate" dropdown option for graphs in measures with reporting frequency of less than Annual was not showing an annual total for the "Fiscal Half Year" Reporting Frequency type. We have updated the "Aggregate" dropdown functionality so that it now sums for graphs in measures with the "Fiscal Half Year" Reporting Frequency type.
    New Upgraded to current version of DotNetReports and update code for DotNet Reports
    What is it? The report builder tool has been upgraded to the most recent version of DotNetReports. Update includes new color blocking settings for report output that will display as an option for users adding or editing reports.
    New Added dropdown menu caret icon to the Measure/Container icons in Scorecard view
    What is it? Users now have a dropdown caret icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of measure and container icons so that users have a more apparent indication that a dropdown menu is available under the icons.
    This enhancement comes as part of the effort to make the Scorecard UI more intuitive for end users
    New In Scorecard view - added "Calculation Info" option to Measure icon menu
    What is it? When users click on the measure or container icon in the Scorecard view for a calculated measure they will now see an option in the icon menu called "Calculation Info". Clicking this tab will open a modal that will the following information about the calculation -
    • Calculation Type - Specifies the exact type of calculation applied to the measure
    • Missing Periods - Displays the child measures connected to the measure that have missing periods of data. The time period for the missing periods displays along with the measure name and a link to the measure
    New Added section to parent measure "Data" tab view showing child measure with missing data periods
    What is it? A "Missing Time Periods" section will now display in the "Data" tab of a parent measure if any of the child measures are missing data periods. This improvement provides users with easy access to see the missing periods for child measures, creating a time-saving shortcut that will help customers and the support team troubleshoot without having to click through child measures to search for the missing data periods
    New Added "Share" button to Scorecard objects to support embed links
    What is it? A "Share" button has been added to the upper right corner of Scorecards, Containers and Measures with the "Enable Embed" setting activated. The new button will contain the "Embed" related dropdown menu options so that users can click those and navigate to the embed page. The goal of this button is to draw awareness to our customer's ability to share Scorecard objects with stakeholders outside of CI products.
    Scorecard View
    Container View
    Measure View
    • This enhancement came as a request from internal stakeholders to make the Embed option more obvious for end users
    New Added option to Control for user to upload profile photo
    What is it? In Control users can now add a profile image in their account page so that they will see an uploaded image in the upper right corner of their top navigation menu.
    Users can upload an image using the following steps -
    1) Click dropdown next to the profile image that displays in the upper right corner of the top navigation menu
    2)User will be navigated to Control and will need to click the dropdown icon that appears to the right of the user image in the top navigation menu
    3) Once in the account page, the user can use the "Browse" option under the "Profile Photo" field to upload a user profile image. The user will need to click "Save" and then Cancel to exit the Account page after they have seen the "Saved" confirmation message.
    • The user image will display in the upper right corner of Scorecard, Control and Compyle. Administrators can also upload profile images for users through the User page accessible through the User list in Control.
    • This improvement comes are part of our ongoing effort to the streamline the CI Suite UI
    New Added ability to grant specific instances access to custom features
    What is it? CI can now grant only specific instances to certain custom features which provides CI with flexibility in designing functionality that may not be applicable to all customer instances.
    New Updated Admin dropdown menu to support two-level dopdown
    What is it? The Administrator menu in the top navigation bar of Scorecard in the past has not shown all tools/options available to administrators due to sizing constraints. Administrators were able to access the full menu after clicking on one of the options in the dropdown and then all of the options would display in a left side menu.
    We have updated the Administrator top navigation dropdown menu to support two levels so that administrators can see all options available consistently whether they are referencing the dropdown of the left hand menu. 
    Main Administrator Menu Submenu
    General Settings  
    Instance Dashboard  
    Import Import Users
    Import Import Data
    Object Management Reporting Frequencies
      Column Settings
      Graph Settings
      Global Color Bands
      Action Custom Fields 
      Object Types
      Common Terms
      Delete Log
      Embed Views
      Scorecard Copy Log
    Partner Connect  
    Account Account Info


    Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 6.48.52 PM

    Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 6.49.00 PM

    Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 6.49.07 PM

    New Released Scorecard Import Wizard to end users/ updated instructional text for Scorecard Import Wizard

    What is it? The Scorecard Import Wizard is a alternative method of creating a Scorecard from scratch that allows users to setup and customize containers and measures in a spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet into Scorecard to create a new Scorecard.

    Learn more about the Scorecard Import Wizard HERE

    The Scorecard Import Wizard now displays to end users with "Add/Edit Scorecard" access and can be accessed under the top navigation Objects > Scorecards. Users will see the "Add Scorecard" dropdown in the upper right corner and will now see the following two options as options in the dropdown -

    "Add Scorecard" dropdown

        • Add New Scorecard
        • Scorecard Wizard


    New Added "Download as Scorecard Wizard Template" to Scorecard Search Dropdown

    What is it? When searching for scorecards in the Scorecard search, users with appropriate permissions will now see an option to "Export As Template" for each result in the Scorecard search. The template will export in the Scorecard Wizard Import format so that the file can be customized and imported through the import tool to create the copied and modified scorecard.

    Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 7.11.43 PM