Troubleshooting Scorecard Feeds 

What to Check When A Feed Cannot be Created

If you experience problems with a scorecard feed, check for the following possible errors:

While creating a scorecard feed, the Scorecard Measures list is empty, or does not include the measure you’re looking for.

  • Check that the scorecard measure is not a calculated measure. Only non calculated measures will be available.
  • Verify that the timeframe for the scorecard measure matches the time frame for the Compylation calculation. For example, monthly measures require monthly calculations, so that the data aligns.

You get an error message when creating a feed, or when searching for scorecard measures.

  • Confirm that the API key for Scorecard in Admin / API and in the Compyle settings (Admin / Instance Settings) is the same. The API area in Scorecard is only available for paid subscribers.

You use custom calendar settings or reporting periods.

  • If a custom calendar setting or reporting period is set in Scorecard, and used for the destination scorecard measure for Compyle data, then there should be a custom calendar ID set in the Compyle Instance Settings.
  • If this is not the case, or you are unsure, feel free to contact the Help Desk at