Creating a Scorecard Feed

To create a scorecard feed, first ensure that the destination measure already exists and has the same frequency as the calculation from where the data will be sent.


Then open the calculation whose results will be fed into measure. 


Before creating the scorecard feed, check the calculation for the following:

  • Is the correct calculation selected in the compylation?
  • Does the calculation time frame match the reporting frequency?
  • Are there filters applied? Should there be?
  • Is there a date range limit? Should there be?
  • Is the calculation using the correct summary for the measure?


As long as the calculation satisfies the points above and meets scorecard feed requirements, the Create Scorecard Feed button will be enabled. Click this button to get started.



There are two steps in creating a scorecard feed. In Step 1, start by choosing the type of measure the feed will go into: indicator, performance measure, or other label if used. 


Then choose the measure from the list. If your list is long, you can filter the list by part of the measure name or tag. Click Next to proceed to Step 2.



In Step 2, assign a name for the feed. The selected measure is listed here, and it’s good practice (and prevents confusion) to make the feed name similar to the measure name.

By default, all data will be sent to the measure immediately upon feed creation, but this setting can be disabled if you know that the current survey data is incomplete or incorrect. Data can be sent into the feed at any time. The data for all time periods will be sent whenever the feed sends data from Compyle to Scorecard.


After clicking Create Feed, the data pipeline between Compyle and Scorecard is established, and the scorecard measure will reflect Compyle data.


You can find the new scorecard feed in the scorecard feeds list, by opening Analytics / Scorecard Feeds.



Scorecard feeds can also be accessed from the home page in the Analytics section. All new scorecard feeds are manual by default, which means their data is sent to measures manually. Feeds can be made automatic as well.



Note: Scorecard feeds cannot be edited once the feed has been created. However, you can adjust the method for sending data (manual or scheduled). Scorecard feeds may be archived, though not deleted. So if you need to change a scorecard feed, archive it and create a new feed.