Setting up Calculations for Scorecard Feeds

There are two conditions that a Compyle calculation must meet in order to be used in a scorecard feed.

First, data must be plotted separately for each instance, not combined across instances.

This means that if the calculation’s survey has three completed instances, there must be three separate data values.

The other condition is that data must be combined into a single data point. This is relevant for single-choice and multi-choice questions.

So rather than calculation data looking like this, with each instance divided into separate data sets . . .


. . . the data must be combined into a single data point for each instance, like this. If both conditions are met, the Create Scorecard Feed button will be enabled.


Filtered Calculation Data


For calculations that have filters applied, the filter conditions will apply to the data fed to the scorecard.


You can use one calculation, with different filters applied, to create multiple separate scorecard feeds. Separate scorecard measures must already be in place for each data set.


For a scorecard feed with filters applied, the filters are listed in the Filter Details section of the scorecard details page.