The Tools menu has two options for scorecard templates. These are valuable for not only seeing how successful scorecards are set up, but you also may find templates here you can use for your own organization.


Choose Tools / Templates to see a list of scorecards that have been created by other organizations, who helpfully sent their scorecards to Clear Impact for use by others. You can use a search term to narrow the list.


Click the View Example button to the right of a scorecard to see its containers and measures. 

To add a template to your instance, check its selection box, then click Installed Selected Scorecards. You can also add tags to the scorecards. Once installed, you can edit a scorecard as needed to customize it for your needs.


Choose Tools / Equity Atlas Template to see data sets from the National Equity Atlas. This is America’s most detailed report card on racial and economic equity, including scorecards and their program data from over 300 geographical areas. 

As with user templates, this list is searchable, and you can select and install any scorecards from the list.