Tags are used to identify or locate scorecard objects. 

Tags can be applied to any scorecard object, including results and programs, indicators and performance measures, variables, and any other objects that may be configured for your instance.


Tags are typically used to specify a location, organization, goal, or question to be answered, such as “how well” or “how much.”  Because many scorecard objects may have the same name, tags are also particularly useful for differentiating these objects.


Tags enable you to filter the list of objects, making it easy to find the exact one you want. For example, when looking for an existing measure to add to a container, you can filter the list by entering one or more tags and clicking Search.


You can also use tags to filter object lists. For example, when searching the Indicators list, entering a tag filters the list to display only indicators assigned that tab.


There are several ways to create tags. Once a tag is created, it can be assigned to any object as needed. 

The most common way to create a tag is to enter it while creating or editing a scorecard object. In the Add Tag field, simply enter the name of the tag and press Enter.

In the Create New Tag window, enter a tag description and click Add Tag.

This creates the new tag and adds it where applied. Once the tag has been created, you can apply it again by entering part of the tag name, then select it from the drop-down.


Objects can have up to five tags assigned. Keep in mind that only the first tag will be displayed with the scorecard object. You can drag-and-drop to change tag order.

You can also create tags from your Tags list (Objects / Tags).

Click Add New.

Assign a name and description, and click Save.


The tag is added to the list, and each tag has a drop-down arrow that displays options to Edit or Delete the tag. Use caution when deleting a tag! It will be deleted from all objects to which it is assigned, and deleting cannot be undone.


In the Tags list, checking the Show Disconnected Only box will filter the list to include only tags that are not assigned to any scorecard objects. This is handy if you want to clean out all unused tags from your system; select all disconnected tags and delete them all at once.


When one or more tags are selected, you can delete them all at once.