Results and Programs

The building blocks of a scorecard are containers, and a container can hold either a result or a program.

Note: Users with admin permission can change or add container types and measure types, as well as change icons and other properties of all scorecard objects

A result is a condition of well being for children, adults, families, communities, or environment. Result examples could include: 

  • Youth are prepared for productive adulthood
  • Children enter school ready to learn
  • Residents have internet access
  • Aquatic life is abundant and sustainable

In addition to the result itself, a result container also includes one or more indicators used to measure the result. 

A program is an agency plan or service system put in place to help achieve the desired results. Examples of a program could include: 

  • YMCA Parent Education
  • ABC After School Program
  • Immigrant Achievement ESL Classes
  • Healthy Lifestyles Initiative

In addition to the program itself, a program container also includes one or more performance measures used to measure the program. 

A result or program container is typically created on the fly, while creating a scorecard. But you can also create a result or program from scratch

Any existing result or program container in your instance can be added to any scorecard, then edited as needed for that scorecard.