Creating a Result or Program from Scratch

Although the most common practice is to create a result or program while creating a scorecard container, a result or program can also be created from scratch.

Note: This article covers how to create a result from scratch. Creating a program from scratch works the same way.

To create a new result, open the Results list by choosing Objects / Containers / Results.


At the top of the Results list, click Add New


Assign a result name, keep the type as Result, and add any tags that will make it easier to find this result in a search. Then click Save & Exit.


This opens the result details page, where you can add notes, actions, or files. In the Add drop down menu at the top, or in the Relationships section at the bottom, you can add the result container to one or more scorecards, or add the result to other containers. The Add menu also has an option to add existing measures to the result.

Note: Any measures you add to the result will be included when the result is added to a scorecard. If no measures are added, you can still add the result to a scorecard, then add new or existing measures.