General Settings

For users with instance administrator permission.


To adjust general organizational settings, click the Administration icon at the top right, and choose General Settings.

The Settings page has three sections.


In the General section, you can upload a graphic file with your organization’s logo, for the current instance. 


The Default Data Entry Time Period defines the first data entry row that appears when entering data for a measure. The time period (such as April or Q2 or 2023) that contains this default date will be the first data entry row, though additional previous rows can be added. We recommend updating this setting for each reporting period, to ensure users start data entry correctly. Click Save after making any changes.


In Embed Settings, enabling Show PDF Export Button means the PDF Export button will appear on every scorecard, container, and measure embed page. With this enabled, all users can export PDFs.


Enabling Show Definition in Embed View means the measure definition will appear on the measure embed views. If your measure definition contains sensitive information, it is recommended to not enable this option.


In Advanced Settings, you can choose to Enable Custom Column.


This turns on an additional column for entering custom text, available for each result or program. 


When entering data for any measure, the “Custom Column” is added, for entering the additional text or values. 


The custom column itself, with its name, will appear in the scorecard view.