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Embedding Scorecards and Scorecard Objects

Scorecards, containers, and measures can be displayed on a web page, either as part of your organization’s website, or in their own web page. Viewing embedded objects online does not require authentication, so anyone can view whether or not they have a Clear Impact account. Viewers can see and interact with embedded data, but cannot make changes or download files. 

Note: Strategy maps can also be embedded.

Embedding must be enabled for a scorecard. To do this, you’ll need to edit the scorecard, toggle on the Enable Embed slider, and save.


To get embed codes for a scorecard, start by viewing the scorecard. Click the Options menu at the top and choose Embed.


The Embed window lists two embed codes. The first (Embed Code) is the HTML code you can insert into your own web page. The second (Public Hosted Page) is a dedicated URL, hosted by Clear Impact, which will display the scorecard. If the scorecard has file attachments, you can choose whether to share those files on the web page.

If a scorecard has embedding enabled, its objects can be embedded individually.


To embed a result or program container, start by viewing it. Click its Options button and choose Embed.


The Embed window for a container also provides an Embed Code and Public Hosted Page URL.


When a container is displayed on a web page, its measures can be clicked to open their own pages.


To embed a measure, start by viewing it. Click its Options button and choose Embed.


For a measure, you have the option to get an embed code or URL for the entire measure (including interactions, comparisons, and notes), or for just the static data graph.