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Editing a Scorecard or Container

Note: This article describes editing scorecard settings and users, editing container contents, and basic editing of results, programs, and measures. You can also access more robust editing options for results and programs, and more robust editing options for measures.

If you’re already viewing a scorecard, click Edit at the top right. 

You can also find the scorecard to edit in the Scorecards list, click the drop-down arrow next to the View button, and click Edit.

At the top of the scorecard editing page, in the General tab, click Edit if you want to change any of the settings in this tab. 


When editing in this tab, you can change the scorecard name and description, embedding and accountability score  settings, set a parent scorecard, and configure scorecard columns. When finished, click Save.

In the Users tab, you can change the users who can access this scorecard. If no users are selected, then all users with scorecard builder permission can access this scorecard. Admin users can always access all scorecards.

Returning to the General tab, the Containers section of the scorecard editing window lists the scorecard’s result and / or program containers. You can add a new or existing container, or add a new or existing measure to an existing container. You can also use each object’s six-dot Move icon to drag and drop to rearrange order.

Note: Any changes you make to a container will be also applied to that container if it is used in other scorecards.


Each result, program, measure, and divider has its own Edit icon. Each container also has an Edit All button, which opens the entire container for editing, and you can make multiple edits at once.


When editing an individual result, program, measure, or divider, the icons to the right of the edited object enable you to Save changes, Delete the object, or Cancel the editing.

When all edits are completed and saved, clicking Back to Scorecard at the top right takes you back to the scorecard view.