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Adding Notes to Scorecard Objects

Notes can be added to containers and measures. Each container or measure comes with a set of standard notes, which can be filled in (or deleted if not needed). Note completion is a contributing factor to a scorecard’s engagement score.


Note: Users with admin permission can edit Scorecard’s standard notes, and create custom notes.


When viewing a scorecard, results and programs have a Note icon next to their name. Clicking this icon expands the list of notes, and clicking on a note name opens its text.


When viewing a result or program, notes appear below the container name, above the Measures section. 


When viewing an indicator or performance measure, notes appear in the Notes tab to the right of the data graph.


For users with note editing included in their user role, notes can be filled in when editing a program or result, or when editing a measure


Note completion is done in a rich-text editor. All standard text formatting options are available, including bold, italics, font size and color, bullets and numbering, etc. You can also insert tables, links, images, and other media. The Remove Format option enables you to change all selected formatting text to plain text (bullets and numbers will be maintained).


Note: The editor supports copy / paste from Microsoft Word, and attempts to retain Word formatting where possible. If formatting does not appear as intended, the Remove Format option can be used to start over and format within the Scorecard editor instead.


There is also an option to insert links to other scorecard objects: scorecards, containers, measures, and actions.


For the selected object, search and select the object(s) to link.


Once inserted, the object link appears as a clickable link.