Compyle Release Notes - April/May 2023

Data Deduplication Tools: Duplicate Check and Merge Duplicates

Release deployed on Wed., May 3, 2023, 10:00pm-1:00am EDT

Release Features

  • Duplicate Check

    • Participant and Organization forms: configurable for up to 5 fields, applies to Create New and Edit actions
    • Import: incoming records compared to existing records for current duplicate check fields
    • Public forms: option to enable duplicate check, skipped by default for confidentiality reasons
  • Manage & Merge Duplicates

    • Search for Duplicates: up to 5 fields at once, not limited to current duplicate check fields
    • Compare & Merge: select records to review side by side, determine which to keep, transfer all surveys, notes, and attached documents to kept record
    • Pending Records: auto checked for duplication, Review button replaces Accept for possible duplicates
  • Survey & Data Forms Improvements

    • Instance Timeframe Management: Time Period Begins date displays for clarity
    • Email Reminders: prevent archived participants from responding, better system messages for email issues
    • Anonymous Surveys: removed participant photo field from default form
    • Question Fields: more consistent numbering, improved calculation required fields functionality, hide archived fields on multi-entry form, simplified read view
  • Assorted Refinements

    • Data Entry: Save button at top and bottom of Participant and Organization forms, better Required Fields warning for Participant and Organization forms
    • Search filters: Date filters issue fixed, hidden group fields removed
    • Multi-site navigation: recently visited sites list improved
    • Security improvements: server environment updates, internal policies and procedures expanded as part of our SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 certification process