Data Collection

What sets apart Compyle’s data collection capabilities from most other survey systems is the ability to track multiple answers to repeated survey questions over time, attached to unique participant records. 

You can access your data collection list from the home page.

You can also access data collection features by opening the sidebar and opening the Data Collection menu.

The Data Collection list presents a sortable and searchable table, in which each data collection type is listed along with its number of surveys/data tools and number of instances that are open. (An open instance is in-progress - it has a start date and has not been ended.) 

Clicking a data collection type displays the list of surveys it contains, with survey frequency, number of questions, number of compylations, and number of instances in progress, pending, or complete.

Clicking a survey opens its details page, where you can see each instance, or time the survey was sent out, the number of instance participants, and how many completed the survey, and the status of the instance itself. Only data from complete instances can be used in analytics

The survey questions themselves appear at the bottom, along with the type of answers, such as range or multiple choice.

Clicking a survey instance lists its participants and their completion status. Clicking a participant displays their survey responses. Only data from participants with Complete status will be included in analytics. You can start, end, or re-open an instance as needed, and view or download instance data.