What is a Compylation?

Once a survey has run for one or more instances, and responses have come in, you can use the Analytics section to create compylations. 

A compylation is aggregated data from a group of participants or organizations that have responded to survey questions. Compylations enable you to take a close look at the data, in order to chart trends, progress, or deficits. They can also be used to present data from a one-time survey.

Within a compylation, data can be presented for survey responses, as one or more calculations. And if configured appropriately, calculations can be fed into Clear Impact scorecards.

Calculation results can be filtered by one or more demographics, such as race and/or gender.


And for certain types of calculations, data can be segmented into demographic breakdowns.


Note that in order to be included in a calculation, data must come from survey instances that have ended - instances that have Complete status. Responses from In Progress instances will not be included. 

And within a survey instance, only data from participants with Complete status will be included in a calculation. Responses from Pending or In Progress participants will not be included.