Working with Participant and Organization Records: View, Edit, Archive, Delete, Restore

How to View the folder, Edit the profile form, Archive a record, Restore a record, Delete a record

Participant and Organization records are found in the All Participants Search or All Organizations Search.  If needed, you can filter the list to find a specific participant or organization. By default, the active records are shown.

Active Search Results

Record Actions Menu

In the active search results, the  ... three-dot menu will appear for each participant or organization. Hovering your mouse over this menu will display three of these options: View, Archive or Delete, and Edit.

  • Edit : Open the Participant or Organization profile form so it can be updated.
  • View : Open the Participant or Organization Folder.
  • Delete Trash can for Delete: Remove the record completely. This is allowed only if the Participant or Organization profile form has been created and no survey or note form records have been added.
  • Archive File Box for Archive: Deactivate the record so that it no longer appears in search, groups, and analytics. It can be restored later in needed.

Archived Records Menu 

For inactive record search results, the ... menu only has a single option: Restore.

    • Restore : Make the record active again so it can be edited. Add it back to active search results, groups, and analytics.

Archived Search Results


All active records can be edited by users with edit permissions who have access to the Participant or Organization record. The Participant form and Organization form records can be opened for editing from the All Records Search list's record actions menu or by clicking the Edit button at the top of  the participant/organization folder.

Edit a Record from the Active Search Results

Edit a Record from the Participant Folder


The Edit button opens the participant’s profile, where you can update the information for the Participant form record. 


When finished editing, be sure to click the Save button at the top or bottom of the form to keep your changes. 

If you make changes to a record and start to leave it without saving, Compyle will remind you that there are unsaved changes and give you a chance to save them. 


View the Folder

The View option (Eye icon) opens the participant or organization folder where the survey form responses, notes, document files, and record history are found.



Archive a Record

Participants and Organizations may only be archived and not deleted if they have any additional records. This is a precaution to prevent accidental removal of information that is needed later.  These records could be completed survey form responses, note form entries, or uploaded documents. Archived records can be restored later if needed from the inactive records search. 

Archiving a Participant or Organization will:

  • Allow the record to restored in the future
  • Remove the record from the Active Search results but keep it in the inactive results list
  • Remove any pending survey form responses for that participant or organization
  • Exclude from Analytics any completed survey forms and note type forms
  • Remove the record the Active Group Members list but keep it in the inactive members list
  • Keep any Outcomes that have been set up for the record 

How to Archive a Record

Archiving from the All Participants  search results in list view:


Archiving from the All Participants search results in tile view:


Archiving from the Participant folder:


When you click the Archive button, the Archive Confirmation window will appear. Click the Archive button*.

*The window may be titled Delete Participant and have a De-Activate button prior to June 2024.


Restore an Archived Record

Archived records can be restored, which reactivates all of the saved survey form records, note records, and attached files for the record. Records can be restored and archived multiple times if needed.

To Restore an Archived Record

  • Open the All Participants search or the All Organizations search.

  • Switch the Active/Archived option at the top from Active to Archived.

  • Hover over the ... three-dot icon menu and choose the only option: Restore .
  • When the Restore Confirmation window opens, click the Yes button.




Participants or organizations with no submitted survey data can be deleted. This fully and entirely removes the record as if it had never been entered. Deleted records cannot be restored later using Compyle features. For this reason, deletion is a two step process where you click the Delete button and then confirm the removal in a second window.  

If a Participant or Organization record with survey responses, note records, or uploaded files needs to be permanently removed from the system, the individual survey responses, notes, and files can be deleted. Once all additional information is removed for that Participant or Organization record, the main record can be deleted. 

Deleted records will require developer intervention and billable professional software service hours to restore. 


How to Delete Records

From the All Participants search in simple text view:


From the All Participants search in tile view:


When you click the Delete button, the delete confirmation window will appear. Click Delete Participant to fully remove the record.