Editing or Deleting a Participant or Organization

To change participant or organization details, start by opening the Participants or Organizations list. If needed, you can filter the list to find a specific participant or organization.

Hover over the three-dot icon at the right of the participant or organization row, which displays three options.

The View option (Eye icon) opens the participant’s or organization’s activity page.

Participants or organizations with no submitted survey data can be deleted. If survey data is connected to the participant or organization, you can click Archive, which removes the participant / organization from the list but keeps their survey data. Archived records can be restored later if needed.  For this reason, archiving is recommended instead of deleting in case the record turns out to be needed in the future.


The Edit icon opens the participant’s details page, where you can complete or edit any field.

When finished editing, be sure to click Save at the lower right.