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Note Type Forms

Creating, Using, and Reporting on Note Type Forms on the Notes folder tab

for administrator users only

When editing a participant or organization, you can add notes to their profile, in the Notes tab. These can be standard, text-only comments, for example, to describe session attendance or special circumstances.


Notes can also be based on a note type set up by the administrator. This type of note can be used as a one-time intake, or a final result check, as opposed to a survey whose instances are sent out at regular intervals, during a program.

To access note types, open Admin along the left and choose Note Types

To add a note type, click Add New Note Type.

Add a note name and description, then click Next.

The next step is to add one or more questions, which are set up like survey questions.

When your questions are added, click Save.

The note type will be available as a drop-down in the Notes tab of a participant or organization.

When a note type contains data from multiple participants or organizations, results can be analyzed and presented like data from survey questions, as a compylation