Global Color Bands

For users with instance administrator permission.

When creating a measure, or editing a measure, an important field to set is measure polarity. 


There are five polarity options:

  • Higher is Better
  • Lower is Better
  • Target Range
  • Do Not Display
  • No Polarity


In addition, when entering measure data, you can enter target values.


As long as a data set includes target values, you can enable color bands when viewing or editing a measure. This helps to understand data in terms of color-coded ranges, such as on-target, too low, etc. The way color bands are applied depends on measure polarity.


To configure default color bands and thresholds for each polarity type, click the Administration icon at the top, and choose Global Color Bands.

Note: Color band thresholds and colors can be edited individually for each graph, in Graph Settings


For each polarity type, you can adjust the percent-of-target values for each band, change colors themselves, and use the Add / Remove icons to add or remove bands. If you make any changes, be sure to click Update. Note that any global color changes will not affect existing graphs, only graphs for measures created after the changes are made.