Scorecard Instances

A Clear Impact Scorecard instance is one “occurrence” of the software. 

By default, each instance is isolated from all other instances, with its own users, scorecards, data, and security settings. 

Note: Partner Connect enables you to configure sharing settings with other instances. This is useful when you need to receive data from, or provide data to, other organizations that use Scorecard.


An organization can also set up parent-child instance relationships. For example, a non-profit umbrella organization can have one parent instance that contains separate child instances for each non-profit they track. 


Many Scorecard users have access to multiple instances. Your current instance is always displayed at the top right of any Scorecard window. To switch instances, click the instance drop-down to see the list of all your instances, and click the instance you want to open. You can also use the search field to find your instance. 


You may have different user roles and permissions for different instances; user roles are configured and assigned by an instance admin. Depending on your permissions, you can copy scorecards between instances.

Note: If you want to be granted access to an instance, the admin of that instance will need to add you as a user and assign roles and permissions. Also note that your user license only counts against the first instance to which you were added. This instance is your “home” instance.


If you are an instance admin, and want to create additional child instances, contact to request access to the Multi-Instance Tools.