Automatic Participant Setup

When a survey / data collection instance URL is sent to a participant via text or non-Compyle-generated email, and that participant isn’t already set up in the system, then that participant will be added to the Participants list after they fill out an online form.

By default, the participant fields in this online form are name, email, and gender. But an admin user can configure additional public forms to use for surveys accessed by new participants. 


When a survey instance response is submitted by a new participant, the sidebar will list a pending participant. You may have to refresh your browser tab to see this update.


Pending participants are also indicated on the home page, in the Participants section.

Each pending participant can be accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the participant’s survey answers will be listed for that survey instance, and the participant will appear in the All Participants search results. And for future surveys, as long as the participant signs in with the same email address, the survey responses will be posted to the correct instances.