Creating Participant Outcomes

If you want to track progress for a single participant, based on responses to a single survey question, you can create an Outcome.

The process is similar to creating a compylation and adding a calculation.

Find the participant you want from the Participants list, and click the participant to open their profile.

Then open the Outcomes tab and click Add Outcome.


From the list of surveys to which the participant has responded, choose the survey with the question you want to analyze. Then click Next.


Choose the survey question whose results you want to track, and click Next.

Responses from each instance of the survey are presented, either as a bar graph or trend line. Data is presented visually in the Chart tab, and as separate responses in the Data tab. You can also click the three-line icon for display and saving options. When finished, click Save.

Once saved, the outcome will appear on the participant’s Outcomes tab, with icons to delete or expand the outcome.