Unlimited Suite Customer Implementation Guide

Unlimited Suite Structure, Data Flow, Implementation Planning,



Unlimited Suite Structure and Language

Clear Impact Unlimited Suite offers the opportunity for a network of partner organizations or a funding organization and up to 24 partners to connect and share data through Compyle and Scorecard without restrictions. (Additional partners can be added at an additional cost per partner). 


Unlimited Suite Collaboration Models

Unlimited Suite collaboratives can be structured to fit several different models for collective impact.



Unlimited Suite Network High Level Overview

Unlimited Suite Network High Level Overview

The funding organization, as well as each partner organization, will have a unique instance of both Scorecard and Compyle. The funding organization will be known as the "Lead Agency" or “Parent Instance” and the partners will be known as the "Partner Agencies" or “Child Instances.” 

Data Levels

Each organization will receive its own connected Scorecard and Compyle instances. The organizations need both applications as Scorecard and Compyle collect different levels of information.

Scorecard’s indicators and performance measures track aggregate information and disaggregated data about client populations and communities. 

  • Summary information (totals, percents, averages)
  • Subtotals that are broken down by demographic or geographic factors
  • Deidentified data

Compyle captures the day-to-day services and support organizations provide to individuals, families, and other organizations. 

  • Collects participant demographics, case notes, service records, and assessments
  • Includes tools to aggregate client and service data for Scorecard and to feed that information into Scorecard

Data Flow

Each Compyle instance can collect its own participant data through surveys/forms/etc. That information can be aggregated into compylations and sent through Scorecard Feeds to that organization’s associated Scorecard instance. (Note: Each Compyle instance can only send data to the single Scorecard instance that it is associated with. Only aggregate and disaggregated summary data can be transferred.) Once in Scorecard, summary data can be shared with the parent instance as well as any other partner instance via the Scorecard Partner Connect feature

image-png-Mar-02-2023-02-59-28-7564-AM Unlimited Suite Network Data FlowUnlimited Suite Network Data Flow

Prior to Implementation - Quote Details

  • Number of planned instances
  • Scope of requested:
    • RBA training and consulting services
    • Software training and implementation services, including optional pilot phase
  • Anticipated data migration needs
  • Any additional requirements


Preliminary Implementation – Information Gathering & Rollout Planning Discussion

  • Participants 
    • Clear Impact staff: Consultant, Implementation Specialist, and Customer Success Manager (optional)
    • Customer: Project Leads (at least one from Lead Agency) 
    • Note: Does not include all Partner Agency administrators at this point

  • Agenda - Review & Confirm
    • Number of planned instances 
    • Whether instances will be shared by local affiliates or each dedicated to one organization
    • Details for instance creation (Instance Creation Template
    • Name and contact info for Project lead(s)
    • Train-the-Trainer support model
    • Scope of implementation, training and consulting services purchased
    • Key organizational deadlines
    • Customer’s technical assistance plan for partner organizations


Customer Information Gathering from Partner Agencies

For each partner organization or affiliate, it is helpful to know some basic details about how they are currently collecting and storing the data that will be entered into Compyle and Scorecard when the unlimited suite launches. If the Lead Agency will use their Compyle instance to track their own programs and services in addition to Scorecard, the Lead Agency should complete the assessment and provide sample forms as well.  See the Partner Agency/Affiliate Data Tracking Self-Assessment survey.


If partners will have a role in designing the shared forms, it is helpful to ask them to provide examples of those forms.

Partner Agency/Affiliate Form Samples for Developing Common Forms

Please provide examples of the forms you currently use to collect information. 

  • Participant/client/household/organization intake forms
  • Application and registration forms
  • Surveys, assessments, and other repeatedly collected forms
  • Case notes, activities, engagements, and other supporting forms
  • Participant outcomes information


Unlimited Suite Customer Onboarding

If consulting implementation services are purchased, as part of the rollout, the Clear Impact consultant or the CSM  will provide implementation project management: scheduling regular meetings, monitoring the timeline, and coordinating the information gathering and build out. 


*Compyle Form Building Process

  • Lead Agency: Provide samples of common/shared enrollment forms, pre/post, surveys, case note templates, etc.
  • Clear Impact: Review sample forms through lens of Compyle to determine any changes needed to the way the data is collected if any
  • Lead Agency: Confirm which forms should be standardized across all instances (Form List Template)
  • Clear Impact: Submit forms to builder (or build them), noting necessary changes
  • Clear Impact: After form build, review forms internally/proofread
  • Lead Agency: Review completed forms & submit changes (Form Change Request Template)
  • Clear Impact: Completes form changes
  • Lead Agency: Reviews edited forms & signs off on them
  • Clear Impact: Copies common forms to all partner instances


*Clear Impact Suite Measure Alignment Process

  • Review with client to ensure survey/form questions lead to information that can be aggregated into data that informs the intended performance measures in scorecard 
  • Review with client to ensure that partner connect relationships are setup and sharing data correctly


*Parent Instance Administrator Training 

  • Learn about system structure for Unlimited Suites
    • Child Instances of Scorecard and Compyle
    • How to navigate between instances
    • How to setup Compyle Scorecard feeds
    • How to use partner connect
  • Determine training needs for partners 
    • Goal is to empower the parent instance administrator to be the first line of support for child instances (train the trainer model)
    • Create schedule for training of partner administrators (if purchased)
    • Schedule partner training sessions
  • Develop data-flow roadmap 
    • Identify results and indicators that will be tracked at parent instance level
    • Determine Scorecard building needs
    • Determine reporting timeframes (custom calendars in Scorecard have to be added manually in the linked Compyle site)
    • Determine data collection form/survey needs 
    • Outline the flow of information from partner Compyle participant information -> Compylations -> Scorecard Feeds -> Partner Connect -> Scorecard calculations/aggregation


*Partner Instance Administrator Training

  • Partner connect training
  • Advanced user management (adding existing users of other instances)
  • Compyle Scorecard Feed setup

*Inclusion depends on customer needs and purchased implementation, training, and consulting services.



  • Lead Agency & Partner Agencies go live in Suite
  • Customer Success Team & Support become primary contacts for the Clear Impact Suite administrator users.