Getting Started with Suite

Intro to Control, Compyle, and Scorecard for New Users

Welcome to the Clear Impact Scorecard & Compyle Suite software.​
Live Training: We have weekly onboarding webinars on Tuesdays (Suite Overview) and Thursdays (special topics) for new site administrators. You can sign up with this form.



Login, user management, organization account settings, multiple site tools, & billing details

Watch the initial Control training video and review the initial help guides:

Check out the other Control guides.


Performance measurement, project management, and sharing Scorecards for collective impact
 Watch the initial Scorecard training videos:
Check out the other Scorecard guides and videos.


Captures the day-to-day services and support organizations provide to individuals & partners 
Watch the initial Compyle training videos:
Check out the other Compyle guides and videos.