Compyle Release Notes: Form Logic & Form Management Layout - February 2024

Conditional logic, QR codes for survey links, Redesigned survey and note form interface

Release Summary

With this release, conditional logic rules can be added to Compyle's survey forms and note forms. This will allow you to make responsive forms that change as users enter information so that you can ask questions when and if they are needed.  We are also expanding your user communication tools and simplifying survey management through an improved interface. 

  • Released: Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 10:00pm ET
  • Upgrade Training Webinar (slides)
  • Form Logic Rules for Notes & Survey Forms
    • Rules are If-Then statements based on conditions (field entries) and actions (alert, show, hide, require, expand)
    • Conditionally show, hide, or require alerts, fields, and sections
    • Rules can be applied to single fields or entire sections at once
    • Logic rules can be added to new and existing forms.
    • Rules copy when surveys are copied, and rules can be copied for the same survey form.

  • *Enhanced Survey Form Management Interface
    • Redesigned layout with tabbed form folder
    • Tabs for: Instances, Question Fields, Rules, Settings, History
    • New menus: *Share, Analyze, Form Info panel
    • *QR code generator for note, survey, & survey instance links
    • Pending participants indicator for survey instances

  • User Communication Features
    • *Unsaved changes warning when leaving form after editing
    • Survey submission confirmation email to participant
    • Alert Templates for use with Form Logic
    • Improved "Compyle upgraded" alert

  • Various Refinements
    • Add support for Scorecard Feeds to Variable measures for disaggregated data transfer
    • Performance and security improvements
    • Improved Compyle-Control-Scorecard cross-product communication

Form Logic Rule builder

    New Survey Form Management Interface


    New Share menu for survey forms and note type forms

    New in application QR Code generator


    Usability: New warning for users about to leave a form after entering data [picture]
    Unsaved Changes Warning:
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