How To Add Partner/Child Sites

Onboarding Partners: Creating a new Scorecard-Compyle Suite for New Partners or Programs

Making the New Site

  • 1. Log in and open Control.
  • 2. Open your primary, lead agency site while in Control
  • 3. Expand the Clients menu at the top
  • 4. Choose the Create Child option.
  • 5. Enter the site details
    • Instance Code: Short Name or Acronym for the site
    • Org Name: Full Name of Partner/Child 

  • 6. Click Create Client Site to save the information and create the site. A green confirmation message should appear.
  • 7. Go to Clients > List to see all of your sites.
  • 8. Check to see if the new site is present. 

Adding Users to the New Site 

  • In Control, switch to the new site in the top navigation bar.
  • Expand the Users menu > List
    • For Administrators that already have accounts, such as other Unlimited Suite administrators and the partner administrator user(s) if the partner already has one or more sites:
      • Click the Add Existing Admin button.
      • Enter the email address
      • Click the Add button (not the Add to All Children unless this is a new Unlimited Suite Administrator)
    • For all other new users:

Scorecard Settings (New Site):

  • Admin > Reporting Frequencies
    • Create any custom calendars that the partner will need for reporting to your organization wide Scorecard measures
    • Example: Create a Fiscal Year calendar  with the appropriate month and day start.
  • Admin > Partner Connect
    • Request to connect to the primary, lead agency Scorecard site 
    • For partner program sites, request to connect to that partner's other Scorecard sites.
  • Admin > API Key
    • Copy the API key (only create a new one if there is no existing key)

Compyle Settings (New Site):

    • Set the timezone if not Eastern US (default) and click the Update button
    • Upload the partner logo
    • Change the email "from" text to something like "Compyle Software on behalf of  Partner Name..."
    • Click the Update button to save the changes
  • Settings for Reporting & Scorecard Connections (Admin > Instance Settings)

    • Set the fiscal year start month if not January (default) 
    • Enter the API key if it is not already set and click the Update button
    • Select the custom Scorecard calendars in the calendar dropdown fields
    • Click Update to save the changes.