Setting Up Scorecard Measures

A scorecard feed sends data from a Compyle calculation directly into a scorecard measure. So before creating a scorecard feed in Compyle, the destination measure must already exist in Scorecard. 


In this example, the measure for training sessions attended each month already exists, so a scorecard feed can now be created to transfer data to that measure.



In addition, the frequency of the scorecard measure must match the frequency of the calculation, such as monthly. You can verify a measure’s frequency by editing the scorecard, and viewing the contents of its containers.



This frequency must match the frequency of the Compyle calculation whose data will be fed into that measure.


Also note that a scorecard measure can receive data from only one scorecard feed. However, one Compyle calculation can feed data into multiple scorecard measures. 


For example, you create a Compyle calculation that uses data from all participants, and apply a filter to get results just for female participants, and apply another filter for males. That one calculation, with and without filters, can then be fed into three separate scorecard measures: 


Once the Scorecard feed is set up and starts pushing data into Scorecard, the scorecard measure will show the most recent calculation date and current value, as well as trend direction and baseline change.