What is a Scorecard Feed?

If you use both Scorecard and Compyle, a Scorecard feed is a convenient way to send data from a Compyle calculation directly into a scorecard measure


Data can be sent into measures manually, or scheduled to load into a measure at set intervals. 


Note: Data fed into a scorecard does not include identifying information about participants or organizations.


Before creating a scorecard feed, the destination measure must already exist in Scorecard. In addition, this measure must have the same frequency as the Compyle calculation on which it is based


What is Scorecard?


Scorecard is a separate, stand-alone Clear Impact product, designed to report on or present results or progress of a program or initiative. 


Each scorecard is comprised of scorecard objects - typically programs or results - along with the measures they contain. 


In this example, the Healthy Families Initiative scorecard contains a program (P) called Healthier Kids - Fitness Challenge Program. This program contains five measures whose data and trends are used to analyze the success of the program. Each measure in this example is a performance measure (PM).



In addition to performance measures, scorecard measures also include indicators, though measures can also be called KPIs, outcomes, or other labels.

  • A performance measure is typically a condition of well-being for children, individuals, or families in a client population.
  • An indicator is typically a condition of well-being for an entire community, city, county, state, or nation.  


In Scorecard, there are several ways to add data to a measure, including manual data entry, data import, data transfer via API, or scorecard feed. 


If data comes in via a scorecard feed, that will be indicated as the data source (for feeds added after September 2022).