Creating a Compylation from a Note Type

If an administrator user has set up a note type with survey questions, the data from these notes can also be used for compylations. 

In this example, the Fitness Program Intake note type has two questions, which are set up like survey questions.

For each participant / organization about to start this fitness program, you can find the participant from the Participants list and open their profile. In the Notes tab, click Add Note and choose the note type.

Answer the questions, and click Save and Complete.


When there is sufficient participant data from note questions, you can analyze and present data just like with survey questions. With the note type open, participant data is listed under Instances. At the top, click Add New Compylation.


You can create compylations and calculations as you would for survey data.

And like with other calculations, data from note types can also be filtered and/or segmented.